Rooney criticizes Ronaldo’s claim that United should be in the bottom three

Former United team-mate Wayne Rooney has insisted that United should be in the top three

after star striker Ronaldo has insisted United should be in the top three.

Ronaldo said in an interview that United, who are seventh in the Premier League,

would be a failure if they did not make the top three at the end of the season.

But Rooney, United’s all-time leading goalscorer, said in an interview

“Ronaldo’s goal is too low,” he said. He says United must always challenge for the points title every season.

“Manchester United must be the top team. Not in the top three. This is what fans and team members will be asking for.

It is true that the team is going through a difficult period right now, but it should be noted that United are a team that is resistant to the title.

United can win trophies and put pressure on those who work or play for United. I hope to be back there.

United should be Premier League champions. Or second; “Third, I honestly don’t see any other place for United,” said Rooney.

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