Alan Hutton criticizes Fernandez’s actions as toxic to young stars

Bruno Fernandez, a former Scotland defender, has been linked with a move away from Old Trafford.”It’s a bad example for United’s young players,” he said.

Bruno Fernandez has been in fine form since joining Manchester United.

He has scored just five goals in 25 appearances this season, but has struggled to keep up.

Bruno Fernandez is looking for team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch.

Some have suggested that the transfer was a problem, while others have suggested that Bruno could not play alongside Cristiano.

On the other hand, it did not perform as well as expected. Bad behavior led to a series of criticisms from both players.

Now Alan Hutton has criticized Bruno for not being a role model for a young man like Mason Greenwood.”We do not know exactly what happened in the club locker room.

“But now there is a lot of noise about Manchester United.””This is not good. And I heard what was going on behind the curtain.

The locker room is no longer a fun place. From the outside, some players felt that their body language was a problem.”Your performance may drop suddenly. That’s still good.

“You can handle it on the pitch and keep running on the pitch.””Bruno Fernandez, for example, is an amazing player.

“He has been a great player since he started moving to Manchester United.”

But he waved his arms in the air and blamed others. That is for young players like Greenwood”It is doubtful he will be a role model who can help.”

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