PSG to sign Ronaldo to replace Mbappe

Ronaldo from Manchester United to replace Mbarek if he leaves

PSG is targeting Mbarek will switch clubs last summer

PSG have been interested in Ronaldo since the news broke

Amber Pei’s contract with the club expires this season

He is likely to leave Paris on a free transfer.

Portugal striker Ronaldo also had a 4-2-2-2 formation with United’s interim manager Ranieri

There are rumors that he will be looking for a new club in the summer.

If Ronaldo joins United within 12 months of joining United, he will be in PSG

It could be its destination. Ronaldo has never moved to a club from the French Ligue 1.

And if he moves to PSG, Ronaldo will be with his arch-rival Messi

For the first time, they will be able to play together as a team.

Ronaldo, considered one of the two greatest footballers of all time

Fans of the world will also be able to see Messi and Messi play together in attack.

However, the outcome of the move will depend on whether or not Mbabane leaves France.


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