4 Amazing Android Games That Don’t Need Internet (Part 2)

Android gaming succeeds because of its portability, but finding the top Android games that you can play offline is difficult because so many games are live services. This is the reason I made the research and produced this article which will show you great games that have offline support. So, let’s explore, shall we?

Limbo: Lonely through the desolation

In the platform game Limbo, available for both Android and iOS, you take control of a young boy who explores a desolate, monochromatic environment in pursuit of his sister. The game, which had its humble beginnings on iOS, is a classic independent product that has been painstakingly moved over to the Android platform (smartphones and tablets).

You’ll be drawn into the plot by Limbo’s world, which is gloomy, unsettling, and very fascinating. Even though the total gameplay time with this can be quite little, the cost to support a small independent firm is worth it. Here’s a little piece of advice to get you going: watch out for spiders!

Rating – 4.7 stars on Google Play / 4.6 stars on the Apple App Store.

Monument Valley

The retro puzzle game Monument Valley lets you manipulate each level to your liking in order to bring your character to the precise spot needed to solve the puzzle. The game is difficult and has beautiful graphics and intuitive controls. Due to its bite-sized gameplay, it’s all a game should be and is also ideal for mobile.

Although the game requires a license check after installation, you can play without an online connection after connecting on your initial boot-up, which is why Monument Valley is included in today’s roundup. It’s a fantastic offline game. Take a spin if you haven’t yet experienced this gem.

Google Play Rating – 4.8 stars out of 5

Stardew Valley

The best mobile farming game is designed for solo players. It’s made for long afternoons chopping down trees in front of your house, chilly mornings spent sitting on the edge of a wooden dock with a fishing pole dangling in the water, and abstract morning routines to give your virtual life some structure. The change of every season provides an opportunity to grasp a new system or mechanic, and it is also incredibly deep—much deeper than its adorable art style suggests.

We adore its freedom. You can delve into daily life in the town, interacting with everyone you meet and forming a social network, and maybe even finding a partner. Alternately, you may live alone on your plot of land and meticulously cultivate potatoes and carrots there. You can choose to ignore each of its little storylines, but doing so will cost you because they constantly surprise you and lead the game in novel, unexpected directions. It’s time to establish roots.

Rating – 4.7 stars on Google Play / 4.8 stars on Apple App Store.

The Room: Old Sins

The Room 4 for Android and iOS is a fantastic game, and the creators have once again found the sweet spot. You are taken to an ancient house’s attic by The Room: Old Sins, where you must unravel the mystery of a married couple’s disappearance. All signs point to a dollhouse, yet there is much more to it than what your eyes can see.

With its moody visuals and distinctive riddles that are never impossible to solve, The Room: Old Sin excels. This is the ideal puzzle game for people who have a long commute and would like to explore The Room’s world in offline mode. The potential of finding extra endings after completing the first run-through was introduced in the third section, and consequently, this game has also seen the fourth one.

Rating – 4.9 stars on Google Play / 4.9 stars on the Apple App Store.

Alto’s Odyssey

If you’re skilled enough, you may direct Alto and their sandboard through innumerable hills and ramps, backflipping over gorges and leaping between grinds on temple ruins. Alto’s Odyssey is limitless in every meaning of the term. However, it’s oh-so-easy to start another run and see if you can just get a little bit further this time, perhaps even glimpsing the next elusive biome, when you inevitably fail and face-plant — and trust us, you will.

Rating – 4.5 stars on Google Play / 4.3 stars on the Apple App Store.