4 Amazing Android Games That Don’t Need Internet (Part 1)

Most games on your phone probably require an internet connection before they even start. It might not matter if the situation is convenient that will make your phone always connected.

But, what about the times when there is no signal, though? You may occasionally want to play games offline. That is why this article will provide you top 5 android games that don’t require the internet.

For you to taste all kinds of flavors, a variety of genres are included on the list. I will even provide the game trailer and link to download every game. So…let’s start the journey!

Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery

A classic puzzle game with stylized graphics is called Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery. In this game, where you must solve puzzles utilizing objects found in the environment and your wits to go on to the next stage.
This video game has a plot.

Your father pleaded with you to come to a town right now. However, when you arrive, the town and the home are almost deserted. You’ll need to work through the obstacles in your path to progressively unravel the unfolding mystery that is given to you.

The game is free to play, but there’s a one-time purchase of $2.49. You will receive a free chapter, and free hints and the advertising will be removed. Google Play Rating is 4.7 stars out of 5, so it is worth trying it out.

Plague Inc.

It is admittedly a little gloomy that a game like Plague Inc. gained popularity at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the game’s novel idea makes it a truly enjoyable way to kill time.

The world’s inhabitants must be terrorized like a virus in the normal edition while they look for a cure. You have mutations for your disease, but you shouldn’t advance them too quickly because that will end the game.

Therefore, the goal of the strategy game is to carefully spread the disease wisely without becoming chaotic and being recognized too soon.

After successfully completing a level, you can unlock the game’s various difficulty settings. Additionally, you can unleash gene mutations to improve your disease right away, which is crucial, especially at higher levels. There is also “The Cure” in the interim. In this case, you play the role of a researcher looking for treatments for an undiagnosed illness.

So you can choose whether you want to be a villain or a savior. Plague Inc. is certain to be entertaining if you’re looking for a strategy game where you don’t command hordes of armies.

The Way Home

The Way Home is a simple rogue-like game. You take on the role of a group of characters who are stranded on an unknown island as the story progresses.

Your final objective is to find your way back home. The game is really straightforward. You gather resources everywhere across the island and utilize them to construct necessities. In your gameplay, monsters will appear. If you remain motionless, your character will fight those monsters automatically.

The gameplay will be more engaging because of the numerous enemies you’ll encounter along the journey. It’s an entertaining and action-packed game that will undoubtedly have your heart racing.

Grand Mountain Adventure

The PS1/PS2 era saw a huge increase in the popularity of winter sports video games. With just Ubisoft holding the AAA mantle, the genre has largely disappeared. Since then, Toppluva AB has produced one of the top video games for winter sports. Despite the fact that it is a mobile game, this generous game is crammed with content that can all be played offline.

Seven open-world mountains in all, totaling more than 100 challenges dispersed over various maps, are available for exploration. Skiing, snowboarding, and controller support are all available. A free-play zen mode is also available for those who wish to tackle the slopes. Overall, it’s a fantastic game that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you love Coolboarders/SSX a lot.