Manchester United, who won a goal with beautiful goals due to stable play and a balanced attack

Manchester United played a friendly match against Crystal Palace in Austria at 4:40 p.m. today. Tan Han fielded senior players such as goalkeeper De Gea, Maguire, Lindsay Lod, Darlod and Malaysia.

In the midfield, Fernandes, Fred and Tomine were introduced. In the attack, Sancho, Martial and Rafford were introduced. At the beginning of the match, Man United team focused on possession of the ball and attacked effectively.

In the 17th minute, Marshall finished a beautiful creation by Darlod neatly and took the lead for Manchester United. When they got a goal, Crystal Palace tried to score a goal, but because of the play of Manchester United who were holding the ball, they spent time chasing the ball, and the result of the first half was 1-0.

In the second half, only Tommene and Van de Beek were exchanged, and they played to increase the game. Crystal Palace was playing hard to get an equalizing goal, and Manchester United focused on possession of the ball and waited for an opportunity. Shortly after, Sancho, Martial, and Van de Beek scored a beautiful combination in front of the goal.

The other one was sent by Rafford to Marshall from the midfield and due to the creation of Marshall, who saw the field, Sancho finished coolly and took the lead. Later, many senior players were released and young players were added.

Because of the young players, the Crystal Palace team started to press harder, and De Gea saved the header from the penalty kick, but he could not save the corner kick and gave the Crystal Palace team a goal back. In the 78th minute, the young player William Fitz received a red card while blocking the attack of Chris Palace. At the end of the match, Man United won with a result of 3-1.

In this match, we have seen Manchester United’s beautiful play, full of confidence, and the ability to finish with coolness. If they can maintain this level in the new season, they will be able to easily enter the Champions League.

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